Free Stay on Private “Ideas” Island for Creativity

Ever wish to get away and sit alone on a private island and just zero in on your best ideas? Well, now you can. It’s no lies. Ideas Island was made and meant for a safe haven for creatives. A place created to inspire and motivate you with great ideas to realize those ideas. Are you interested?


You certainly can do that only if you can donate just $1,000 to charity, then you can stay for free. Actually, living in private islands will cost you thousands of dollars per day on rent. But this one, you just donate the one day rent, but you can stay there for quite some time plus you can freely express and create you bright ideas there.


It is NOT fake. And there is no catch! If you pledge $1,000 to charity you and your friends can stay a week on a private island. The owner of the island has created ideas island in honour of all creative people who have created things that people used to think was too good to be true!


The ideas islands consist of three beautiful islands, The Palawan in the Philippines, A 30,000 sqm big.  A 7,000 sqm private island just outside Stockholm, Sweden. A 2,000 sqm private island also just outside Stockholm, Sweden.


But since the first ideas island in the Philippines was hit badly by the Yolanda Thypoon, the island should temporarily be closed for safety reason. All that was built on the island – the house, the tree house, the boats etc were all struck by the typhoon. The only thing that survived was the toilet. So for the time being Ideas Island Philippines has to be closed.