Free Tattoos for Those Willing to Put Their Arms in a Hole

You want a free tattoo everyone? Come to a truck-stop delight in Williams-burg part of Brooklyn. Find Scott Campbell who is working on his project called “Whole Glory” where he made an ultimate test of trust in his work. He offers free tattoos to people as long as he can get to choose the design and not show it until it’s done. Interested guys?

Who doesn’t know this talented tatts specialist Scott Campbell who has inked countless celebs like Penelope Cruz, Orlando Bloom, Marc Jacobs and so on. He often came up with his fabulous and the only kind of amazing tattoo designs.

About the free tattoos, it seems that he just wanted to find out how much trust people really have on his work. That’s why, as a token of appreciation to people willing to trust him, he would thank them and present a free and surprising tattoo at the same time.

So, how did you find his tatts designs work for you everyone?

Source: Bored Panda, Scott Campbell, scottcampbellstudio.comInstagram