24 Hilarious Instances When Men Got Exactly What They Hated - Friendzoned!

24 Hilarious Instances When Men Got Exactly What They Hated - Friendzoned!

There's tragedy of all kind. And then, there's the awful plight of being friendzoned. Some men, clearlyy didn't seem to have their stars favoring them...

The 'Friend Zone' is a grey area that every man fears more than anything else. While guys like seeking a bit of affection from women every now and then, women don't necessarily reciprocate this feeling. As a result, they get stuck in this rough spot and witnessing their pain is just too hilarious (we're ending up in hell, we're aware. Thank you). That said, here are a bunch of men who unintentionally ended up in the friend zone and the pictures are too damn hilarious to miss!

1. If she gives you this, you don't stand a chance


Hard luck!

2. It's a lost cause


All this effort is futile.

3. Another man down!


It's a sad day.

4. There goes a dagger through my heart


This sure is sad.

5. When you'd do anything to get out of the friendzone!


This is so sad!

6. It's getting out of hand


What's up with girls these days?

7. This is some next level sh*t!


Who came up with this?

8. Level: Mega


He kept trying!

9. Even girls aren't immune to this


It's the same old story.

10. She has too many admirers


Good for her!

11. She has mastered the art of friend zoning!


Why settle for one when you could go for two?

12. Poor soul!


We're already crying!

13. The official friend zone logo


Could this get any worse?

14. True friend!


You don't have to worry about your 

15. This won't do!


Not peaceful at all!

16. This breaks my heart


Why won't he stop trying?

17. This is confusing


She's giving hope to both the guys.

18. Ouch!


Welcome to the friend zone, pal.

19. Hair duty


He has his work cut out for him.

20. Poor Warren


She friend zoned him so hard!

21. A lost cause


No one can help him!

22. Help!


That was a low blow!

23. Damn!


24. He's being tormented


Does she not see that?

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