From an Accidental Sketching to a New Kind of Drawing Style

My name is Jimmy Mätlik. My piece is maybe rather different from what you call ordinary art work. And that’s what I think makes my drawings a bit attractive. As you see they seem to be full of sketchy errors but I dare to call them a new kind of drawing style.


It all started from a mistake but then I realize it that a mistake, no matter how bad it is, still can be turned into a beautiful art work.


It really happened to me personally when I was sketching. I started with this black liner pen (micron 01) but unintentionally I made a mistake. I thought I was losing concentration or something, it was like losing focus. But to my surprise, I found that the error I made turned out to be another awesome work.


I just couldn’t believe that in the beginning it started as a mistake and then I began my new journey on this new pattern of drawings. Judging from the look, most of my friends call my sketches shaky hand drawings but as I know now it’s just a scribble.

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