From Fine Art to Wine Art : Sandro Chia

Sandro Chia was born in Florence in 1946. He has studied at the Istituto d’Arte and then at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence where he graduated in 1969. After graduation, he has travelled extensively in India, Turkey and throughout Europe before settling in Rome in 1970.

During the 1970’s he began to exhibit in Rome and Europe, gradually moving away from conceptual  works towards a more figurative style of painting. Between September 1980 and August 1981 he received a scholarship from the city of Monchengladbach in Germany where he moved to work for a year. The following year he moved  to New York City, where he will remain for over two decades, with frequent trips back to Montalcino, near Siena in Italy.(

“Table of Peace” Tel Aviv , Israel, 2003


In his expressive paintings, Chia celebrates man’s sensuality, vitality and relationship with nature. Assimilating culture and imagery from the troves of art history, particularly the Italian Renaissance and Futurism, he depicts narratives of eroticism, melancholy and death, often abound with historical cameos and references. Chia’s main protagonists are larger-than-life, heroic male figures imbued with an enigmatic sense of mission, perhaps manifestations of his own identity. He paints with vigorous brushstrokes of vibrant color that energizes the entire surface.

His new paintings, one sees the result of an accomplished hand at work for 45 years, the sobriety of an artist in his “late phase.” Pictorially, they still portray heroic-like men and women against a sumptuous landscape. But here now is work more contemplative: life and the inevitability of death. (

Walking With His Genius

Oil on Canvas
40.16 x 40.16 inches
102 x 102cm

Looking At

Oil on Canvas
39.37 x 39.37 inches
100 x 100cm

The Wayfarer with His Cane (Dog In Italian)

Oil on Canvas
63.78 x 51.18 inches
162 x 130cm

The Wayfarer with Ducks and Seals

Oil on Canvas
63.78 x 51.18 inches
162 x 130cm

Sandro Chia painting in 1980-1990 fully of expressive brush stroke, manly ambience and strong colour scheme, mostly his idea came from Greek mythologi and delivered with modern art.


The Idleness of Sisyphus

Oil on canvas, two panels
122 x 152 inches
310 x 386 cm
Permanent collection of MoMA, New York

Water Bearer 1981



Today, Chia continues to work between his studios in Miami and Rome, and also follows the production of a prestigious line of award-winning wines at his Castello Romitorio wine-making estate in Montalcino.

Sandro Chia was an artists have been succeed to be real enterpreneurs, base follow from his passion and free his mind and creativity to the next level, do what you love and love what you do.

Single Winged Angel

78.7 x 31.5 x 23.6 inches
200 x 80 x 60cm