Funny Illustration Of A Russian Artist - Mother Of Two Children

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Funny Illustration Of A Russian Artist - Mother Of Two Children

Maria Gorbunova is a Russian illustrator who is the mother of two children, and draws amusing illustrations from her rather chaotic daily life.

From providing food for their children, picking out suitable clothes, bathing, etc. to a lack of privacy in the bathroom, mothers never seem to rest, but manage to have enthusiasm, humor, responsibility and a positive outlook.

Look at Maria's cute and funny illustrations below!

More info and source :  Instagram I

“The lock on our ‘meditation room’ door is faulty. Mira weighs 29 pounds and can easily kick it open. Not to mention Yura who is constantly putting her hand through the crack, probably trying to pull me out.”

“Viewing my illustrations, you’re probably thinking that my kids are always crying. They are. Mira has grown up and doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night but Yura regularly composes songs, testing our patience. Lullabies, fresh baby food and the sound of rain are only a few guns we use in this fight. Naturally, mom is the one who’s working the night shift. After all, she’ll be able to get some sleep during the day. Or the weekend. Or ten years later.

“My kids are the type to scream and cry all the time, they are never calm during flights.”

“Hello! Today’s menu is broccoli, pasta and berry compote. You can find the same meals under the table, just in smaller portions. If you’re into unusual combinations, you might enjoy corn puffs with fish sauce that the chef stuffed under the pillow.”

“If you’re a mom who knows how to use technology nowadays, don’t make the mistake I did. In 2015, a few months before giving birth to my first child, I suddenly decided that my newborn will need only the best, natural stuff. I heard that multi-use diapers are a must. So I bought 10, made from Italian cotton. They were really expensive, but the thought that I would be able to reuse them really warmed my motherly soul. During the first day of using them, however, the diapers turned out to be really uncomfortable and my husband went to get some regular ones.

“I’m so happy when my art gets more likes than my selfies”

“I often take my kids to the store. Mira is old enough to know that the best snacks are at the checkout. I read every book and tried every method, nothing helped. It’s always the same – asking, screaming, crying. Sometimes, she erupts in hysteria even before we walk inside. This one time, she even started bathing in a puddle, refusing to get up until I agreed to take her to the store. Without paying attention, I continued walking towards home. Even though I was burning inside. The passers-by were shocked. The grandmas condemned me and one guy even tried to help Mira get back up. But just a moment before he approached her, Mira got up and ran towards mommy. Still, I had to drag her home. At times like these, you want to jump into a puddle and scream your lungs out yourself.”

“In 2018, my kitchen has become a temporary pub. I even know all of my customers and their regular orders. That pretty boy in the red t-shirt will ask for a wheat beer and will never refuse a plate of dumplings. The red-hair lady will order a virgin Pina Colada and even though she also likes dumplings, she’ll usually get waffles or corn sticks. And the guy on the right, the one that can barely stay on his feet, always drinks one bottle after another before he falls asleep. But it’s understandable. He has to work night shifts and still get up at 5 am.”

“- Seriozha, I told you to put them in something nice– They look great, what’s the problem?It always happens. At first you spend an hour picking clothes, then you dress yourself. After that you have to catch one kid, dress him up. Then another. While I’m dressing the second one, the first kid has already pooped his pants. As you’re taking him to the bathroom, the other one starts sweating, you start sweating, your husband is screaming. “If you’re so clever, then dress them yourself!” – the music plays and the fashion police is gone.”

“Every day means a new investigation – who shattered the plate, who’s littering, who broke one thing or another… And the choice is between the two – the dog and our little one, since Mira has the perfect alibi – no one can pry her eyes off the screen when cartoons are on.”

“I manage the crazy amounts of energy my kids have by giving them 40-minute “swim practices”. While they are having a bubble party, I reply to comments on Instagram all while watching bottles of my expensive shampoo drown, followed by a body scrub. When Yura and Mira are together, the tide is so high, even the dog isn’t safe.”

“5 minutes of peace/silence or what happens when you forget to close the bathroom door.”

Here are her kids in real life

Happy family!

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