Funny Illustrations! If The Superheroes Are Cute Little Kids

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Funny Illustrations! If The Superheroes Are Cute Little Kids

Superhero figures are always identified as a strong and wise figure. With this character, they are often used as role models for many children and also adults.

Usually childhood superhero figures are rarely told in detail in their films. Strength, battles against enemies and the beginning of their story get the super power which is more discussed in the film.

However, an artist from Brazil describes how about the childhood behavior of these superhero figures. The artist named Lucas Nascimento who's also known as Dragonarte to his 172k followers on Instagram and more than 116K fans on Facebook. created illustrations that were adapted to the characters of the superhero characters. more
his illustrations are here and here

llustrations about the behavior of superheroes when they were little kids can make you laugh. Do you want to know? Check the following illustration when they are still small children below!

More info: Instagram | Facebook | I boredpanda

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