Depressed Photographer Exposes His Reality, And It's Darker Than Expected

Depressed Photographer Exposes His Reality, And It's Darker Than Expected

Gabriel Isak's take on depression and how it affects your life is beautifully hard-hitting. This post will leave you thinking deeply about a disease that is largely discussed but often misunderstood...

Gabriel Isak is not your ordinary photographer. He aims to let his viewers interact with their inner solitary figure by entailing melancholic scenes in his photos. When he first started exploring the realms of photography a few years ago, pangs of depression had enveloped his life and he tried his best to escape into a different world by using photography as a medium. Isak emphasized on creating a story which was lead by him and not the other way around. Here are some of the results that show how deeply he had fallen into the arms of depression.

1. Seek the light


Don't give in to your inner darkness.

2. The black and blue dynamic


Black or blue is just a point for you.

3. Alienated


When you are amidst people and still feel lonely.

4. Lifeless


What happens after death?

5. The darkness lurking in the background


This is really eerie!

6. The melancholic shell


How can one break free?

7. Rise above all


Set your mind free.

8. Hang in there


When approaching someone is tough.

9. Shadow, my only friend


Hello, from the other side.

10. The guardian of realms


Caught in the fire of imagination.

11. Confronting your fears


This takes a lot of courage.

12. The cycle of life


They come and they go.

13. Friendly encounters


When you wish to fly away from all the madness.

14. Yin and yang


The perfect balance has been achieved.

15. Strangers


Don't shy yourself away from new relations.

16. Drowning


Save yourself before it's too late.

17. Dreams


Never let it go.

18. The army of silence


When all you can hear is the deafening silence in a room full of people.

19. Did you miss me?


The uncanny friendship.

20. Sinking in the abyss of the unknown


There goes another soul.

21.  The mask we wear in portraits


We make these memories for ourselves.

22. The silence in their eyes


The eye falls useless where the mind stands blind.

23. Tell me what's wrong


A companion sourcing from the darkness.

24.  The keys will turn


Wrong turns make greater maps

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