Geometric Line and Dot Tattoos by Bicem Sinik

Have you ever seen tattoos with too many colors and shapes on one block of drawing? Do you ever feel that it kinda hurting your eyes?


If you do, you might fall in love to this kind of tattoo. All made in black ink only, and using only dots and lines to form the drawings. Meet Bicem Sinik, a tattoo artist from Turkey who once worked in several advertisement agencies for seven years and got tired, and left to pursue her dream. Graduated from The Art Teacher and Graphic Design Faculty, she is now choosing tattoo as her career path. During her interview with Bored Panda, she stated that she only tattoo her own designs and she never do the same tattoo twice. The unique character of her tattoo is minimal and geometric shapes, which is according to her, many people like them.

Source : Borepanda, Instagram, tumblr, UFunk.




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