Ghostly Edgar Allan Poe is in Boston

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Ghostly Edgar Allan Poe is in Boston

You must be familiar with Stefanie Rocknak the Professional sculptor who is behind those amazing wooden sculptures of The Triathlete, The swimmer, The biker and The runner. For those who live in Boston, they must know how absolutely flawless her creation is since last fall, they had put Rocknak’s awesome statue of the famous Boston poet Edgar Allan Poe on show.

If you look closely at her sculptures, you will be convinced that Rocknak deserves the highest appreciation for her creation. No wonder she could beat out all 265 other artists from 42 states and 13 countries during the world sculpting contest in order to honor the poet and author Edgar Allan Poe.

Since Rocknak’s work of Poe with his suitcase has been voted for the most stunning piece by those 5 member artists selection committee, his statue was chosen to be put on show in public. What Rocknak said about Poe’s design makes a lot of sense. She calls her sculpture back in Boston as Poe Returning to Boston.  “I propose to cast a life-size figure of Poe in bronze. Just off the train, the figure would be walking south towards his place of birth, where his mother and father once lived. Poe, with a trunk full of ideas—and worldwide success—is finally coming home,”

"His expression is complex. He is determined and his stride is decisive. His face reflects a mixture of pain, anger and sadness, and from some angles, a subtle sense of hope. As he walks towards Carver Street, he openly dismisses what is behind him with his left hand; the Frogpondians to the north.”

“Boston is not claiming Poe, Poe is claiming Boston. To punctuate this, he leaves a literal paper trail behind him. He has not only left his mark on the world, but he has also left it on the city of his birth. His ideas are jumping off the page and cascading out of his trunk; a heart lies just behind him, and an oversized Raven explodes to the south. The Raven, which has become symbolic of Poe’s brooding creative spirit, visually reflects Poe; his coat mimics the raven’s wing, and, like a bird, Poe is slightly pigeon-toed. They are one, heading up-wind towards their final resting place."

And according to project manager Jean Mineo,“The sense of Poe returning triumphantly with creative ideas bursting forth from his suitcase is very appealing,” As Mineo continued, “The review committee, and public input, conveyed great excitement with the dynamic sense of movement, accessible style, and Poe’s creative energy expressed in the proposal. There is also strong support for Steff’s approachable, ground-level statue that helps humanize Poe and place him in the context of this active neighborhood,”

Interestingly enough, the ghost-like statue was life-sized or approximately 5’ 8” tall. It was set unveiled two days before the 165th anniversary of the poet’s death at 2 pm on October 5, 2014. (Poe was born in Boston back in 1809) From then on the statue was placed at the corner of Charles Street South and Boylston Street. That is the right area where Mayor Menino dubbed "Edgar Allan Poe Square." This very spot is just two blocks north of where Poe was born.

Source: My Modern Met, Poe Boston, Stefanie Rocknak, Instagram

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