Giant 2016 Olympic Installations by JR in Rio de Janeiro

As the world famous street artist, JR expects to mark the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. He then installed two fabulous outdoor artwork across a Brazilian city. One gigantic work shows an athlete using a high-rise building as a high jump beam and the other is diving into the ocean.


The idea of these giant photograph cut-outs raised into the air is quite challenging for his crew at the logistics. But due to intricate metal structures serving as scaffolding, the graceful fluidity of human body can now perch on high rise building.

JR installed his piece representing a real Olympic athlete, a 27-year old high jumper from Sudan, Mohamed Younes Idriss, trained in Germany but unluckily was not on qualification for the game. “He is still there somehow” as written in JR’s Instagram. Those two pieces of his work, taking nearly a year to prepare, can be viewed during the games.

Source: My Modern Met, JRInstagram





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