Giant Hedgehog on London’s Clapham Common

When you go jogging or walk your dog or just pass by the London’s Clapham Common with your children on February 16, you must have shocked by an “apparition” of a giant hedgehog roaming around the park. Actually the giant creature is a sculpture standing at 7-ft-tall and measuring 12-ft-long and 18-ft-wide which was created by legendary wildlife presenter Sir David Attenborough.

This giant sculpture is made to mark the launch of Natural Curiosities, a new nature documentary series. A team of sculptors needed two months to complete the crafting of the prickly creature to construct the fiber mix and the coconut into the giant’s fur and those of over 2,000 soft wood spikes.

A remarkably lifelike replication of the hedgehog was finally completed just in time. When you examine it, the sculpture is certainly flawless. From its prickly build and realistic skin tone to the inquisitive look on its furry face, it really is an excellent piece of work.

Sir David hopes that the giant hedgehog can be preserved. As he said, “The hedgehog serves as a fitting tribute to one of our most delightful species and brings attention to the dwindling number of wild hedgehogs, which are endangered in the UK.”

Source: My Modern Met, Natural Curiosity, Website