Gigantic Mesmerizing Mural’s Mantra

Born in Metz (France) in 1987, Mantra is a self-taught street artist that has been painting in the streets since 2008. He grew up between the noise of the city and the whispers of the surrounding countryside. In his paintings and street canvases, the Artist pays tribute to his childhood heroes (butterflies, owls, spiders, birds…)

in a realistic and lively style, like a mirror reflecting on the cries of a nature that we don’t hear anymore. Mantra creates magnificent murals with the combination of exquisite colors and in-depth background, with the intention to leave his footprints in the urban areas like repeated mantras, hence his nickname. Not only does he have extraordinary artistic skills – freehand sketching without using a projector or grid – but also he has strong passion and motivation. This young French artist is on his way to the international vanguard of contemporary muralism having his works recognized beyond the European frontier: Buenos Aires, Seattle, Vienna, Paris, Lima, Quito, Bogotá.
Mantra transforms multi-story buildings into gigantic butterfly specimen cases in a series of clever, trick-of-the-eye 3D murals. The enormous, hyper-realistic butterflies appear to be set within wooden-framed boxes, recessed into the side of each building. Long shadows and subtle details, which suggest a transparent glass surface, create a convincing level of depth that helps to enforce the head-turning optical illusions.

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