Giving Art Work is The Best Way For Branding

Today In digital era, fine art and business model it’s rapid changes to be a global and massive business. Everybody realy miss with art in human touch or made by craft artist, but in business we need speed and massive product, so in Brighton UK is one of uniqueness in craft handy sculpture.
They making great promo and branding business with spreading handy sculpture all over the city and those object wait for theirs new owners.

By collecting pieces of metal and junk this mysterious artist, named Professor Screwed, of Screwed Sculpts, is taking recycling to a new level – handcrafting what he finds into tiny robot sculptures with fantastic results!
From ferocious sci-fi warriors to doting family droids, guitar wielding androids and more, these upcycled robots come in a wide range of themes; and the Professor leaves them around the city (or wherever he is) for people to find. Each robot is completely unique, and part of a unique universe where each bot has its own back story.
If you keep your eyes peeled, there may just be a sci-fi friend ready to meet you. All the Professor asks in return is a picture of lucky finder’s new mecha friends. And from local kids, to international visitors, a lot of very lucky people have now found a bot! Plus there are more to find each week – sometime’s they’re even hidden internationally by the Professor’s friends and followers, so look out!
If you’ve not found a bot, don’t worry – the Professor also makes bespoke sculpts to order, on any theme you can imagine.
Source: Bored Panda, Screwed Sculpts

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