Great Structure Learning in Pop Up Card

What is a pop-up mechanism? Technically, a pop-up is some subset of possible devices that occur in books or cards that can be moved separately from the page itself automatically when the book page or card is open. A true pop-up is self-opening, being lifted by the action of the book itself, and is truly three-dimensional.

Pop-up books are a particular type of movable books that provide enhanced depth and motion, and they use devices that open automatically and that create three-dimensional objects that can be viewed from multiple angles. Flaps, transformations, pull-tabs, sliders, rotating wheels, cams, pull- tabs and volvelles must be manually operated, while pop-ups are operated by the opening of the book’s page.
Movable pop-ups not only need creative minds but also require engineering skills. Required skills include the method to accomplish flat fold-ability of paper mechanisms when pages are closed. Specialists who design and create such mechanisms are known as paper engineers. However, the design in pop-up crafting has so far been primary manual and based on traditional crafting methods.

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