25 Shades Of Grey: Bold Divas Who Embraced Their Natural Hair And Slayed It!

25 Shades Of Grey: Bold Divas Who Embraced Their Natural Hair And Slayed It!

Grombre is a revolutionary Instagram account celebrating women who are proud of their grey hair. These pictures will make you smile.

Graying of hair is a natural sign of aging. But, if it occurs when you're just in your twenties what do you do? Easier said than done, it's not always a comfortable idea to embrace your flaws. An Instagram page grombre was created by 26-year-old Martha Truslow Smith, who encouraged a bunch of women to share their experiences. Challenging the set standards of beauty, these women are redefining the word beautiful and it's breathtakingly beautiful.

1. Quit dyeing


After being diagnosed with a couple of autoimmune issues she stopped coloring her hair and it has proven to be the best decision ever.

2. The Silver Queen


She decided to embrace her true self at her wedding.

3. Parent goals


Seeing her daughter struggle because of gray hair, she decided to quit dyeing too.

4. Embrace your natural beauty


Don't pay heed to what others have to say about you.

5. Nothing could be better


Since the last couple of years, she has been living life on her terms.

6. Teen dreams


She started coloring her hair when she was 16 years old soon gave it up.

7. Not a dye slave


This is the best decision she ever made.

8. Hear everyone out but listen to yourself


You would know what's best for you.

9. Skunk hair


Someone compared her hair to that of a skunk. She was deeply affected by this but the 2 years of love she had put into growing it out helped her get through it.

10. No more hiding


Be who you are.

11. Embrace the non-dyed roots


Break the shackles!

12. We are never too young


Cherish your beauty!

13. 8 months and counting


Keep them coming.

14. The platinum after chemo


She's turning heads with her confidence.

15. Dye-free days


Don't you love this natural feel?

16. Love her transformation!


She puts others to shame.

17. It's out in the open


How beautiful is this?

18. Let's celebrate this heritage


Her silver threads are stunning!

19. It's a way of life


She grew up in her Mom's hair salon but didn't let it get the better of her judgment.

20. Crowns of glory


We are too young to live in fear.

21. The glorious mane


Why hide behind the veil of dye?

22. The big day


She tried to be as true as she can be to herself on the greatest day of her life.

23. Look bright!


Smile like it's a new day.

24. Be proud of who you are


Everything will be achievable.

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