Restaurant Forced To Shut Down After Woman Finds A Dead Baby Rat In Her Noodles

Restaurant Forced To Shut Down After Woman Finds A Dead Baby Rat In Her Noodles

She shared a video in which one can clearly see the dead animal inside the noodles that has left many people angry.

In a shocking and disgusting incident, a customer found a dead baby rat in her noodles because of which the restaurant in the US has been shut down. A video was shared on Facebook by Deyanira Cortes, in which she can be seen lifting the sticky little rat from her noodles with a plastic fork. The image clearly shows it to be the dead animal's head, legs, and tail. 

The video was indeed sick and has left people raging. This incident took place at Yihi Japan in Columbus, Ohio, and was shut down after health officials confirmed that they found flies, cockroaches, and sewage backing up through floor drains, reported Fox 28. Even though there weren't any rodent activity found on the premises, however, it does not just justify what happened with Deyanira.  



She captioned the video "Please do not buy food in Yihi Japan that is inside Polaris mall. I bought a Teriyaki Chicken and I got a baby rat cooked with the food. It's disgusting. Please share so that no one buys food there, and prevent someone from getting sick." Ever since she shared her experience on the internet, the video has been viewed more than 1.1 million times. 



Some people were shocked to see the video and also adviced Deyanira to seek legal advice, whereas, some people commented, "Is there carbs or gluten in those rats?",  "I don't understand. Was it not cooked? Did they charge extra for it?" After coming under the limelight, Washington Prime Group, who owns the mall said that they are not going to renew the tenant's lease.

According to WBNS, a spokesman said: "We are working closely with the Columbus Public Health Department as they investigate this incident. Washington Prime Group, the owner of Polaris Fashion Place, is currently evaluating the option of not renewing a lease with this tenant."

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