Had Focus and Persistent, You can Achieve Anything

The price of scrap metal trades just like a stock market does in the United States. This means the spot price that you might receive for your scrap metals today could be very different tomorrow. American scrap metal prices are also governed by regional and local demand, so the prices in New York can be very different than the prices in California. Yet all locations have one thing in common: you can sell scrap metal to make money. The price of scrap metal per pound in the United States is at one of its highest levels of trading in history right now.

Making art work from scrap metal is one of creative and smart way for increase scrap metal to be high value product, you not worry about price because artwork like sculpture is not easy rush or broken by time, and sculpture is one of high price in art world business scene.
Daniel Mc Cauley is one promising young autodidact sculptor, his stories behind really touching, nine years ago he was in a bad car accident. Daniel lost his job, couldn’t work, and struggled to stay in his home that his had just bought. The accident left him with several herniated discs which compromised my ability to hold a regular job.”I had time to think about things while I layed there in pain and discomfort. I realized that I could still imagine anything I wanted to, so I decided to get creative and think outside of the box. Once I was able to get back on my feet I started tinkering around in my shop doing small creations. It wasn’t long until I realized that people were buying all of my artwork up as fast as I could make it. I then thought, why not keep doing this and see where it takes me. A few years later I sold a collection of dinosaurs to a science museum called Cosi located in downtown Columbus Ohio”.
Huge accomplishments can come from pursuing a dream even if everyone else thinks it’s bogus. When something gets you down there’s always an upside to things. Daniel learned that the series of events that placed me in the spot he was in, was only a test to see how strong willed he was in pursuing his own dream, his own path. “Now I try to pass on the message of doing what you are good at and what makes you happy is the best path for you even if it’s the hardest. If you’re driven, focused and stay persistent you can achieve anything. Find out what you’re capable of. The world needs more dreamers” Daniel said.
Source: Bored Panda, Scrap Sales USA

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