This Dancer and Actress Who Survived Cancer Shared Her Amazing Hair Transformations At Every Stage Of Chemo

This Dancer and Actress Who Survived Cancer Shared Her Amazing Hair Transformations At Every Stage Of Chemo

Angela knew that she was going to lose her hair after chemotherapy. She decided to experiment with different hairstyles and colors before that happened. She shared it on Instagram.

There are many deadly viruses and illnesses out there and one of the most common diseases is cancer. This disease causes the abnormal cells to divide uncontrollably and start destroying the body tissue. Cancer cells can grow and spread to other parts of the body. It takes a lot of will and courage to survive cancer. Chemotherapy, while painful, is the treatment for cancer. The cancer survivors go through the toughest time of their life, and their will and courage inspire others who are fighting the same disease. One of such person is dancer and actress Angela Trimbur.  


According to Today, Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer in July and after her second round of chemotherapy, her hair started to fall out, which is the side effect of the treatment. The actress decided to make the best out of the terrifying situation by documenting her different hair changes. She discussed her plan with Vogue, she said, "If I'm on the way to losing it all, I might as well make the most of all the different stages." says the actor of the length-level sojourns. "It’s been helping me jump over these little fear hurdles." 


She started clicking a picture of every hair transition she gets done and shared them on Instagram. Trimbur told TODAY style, "I decided that if I was going to lose my hair anyway and had some time while freezing my eggs before chemo started, I would have fun taking it in various stages that I’ve always wanted to try but had internal fears of doing so." 


"Sharing it seemed like an obvious thing to do. I decided to publicly share my whole cancer journey and this was a major step in making it a more memorable process," she added. Trimbur has appeared on many shows like The Good Place and NCIS. She has had many hairstyles, from long brown hair to a perm, coloring it light brown and cutting her hair to shoulder length. 


She further changed her hair color to dirty blonde, then platinum blonde, dyed on some icy blue hue, then colored it brown with a '90s boy band look and then a pixie style haircut. Talking about her favourite look from the various ones she has had, she told Today, "To my surprise, my favourite was the platinum blond blunt bob. I would have never tried that before and do hope to return to it in the future." 


Before her diagnosis, her hair color and length of her naturally brown hair had been constant for the last six years. She only decided to experiment with her hair after the diagnosis. She said, "I’ve just been wanting to focus on growing my hair out and keeping it healthy and shiny and maintaining a long length." She thought it was best for her profession as an actor. 


"As an actor, I felt that it was the best look for all roles I’d play and sort of felt restricted in a sense — albeit, self-inflicted restrictions,"  she added. After going through a double mastectomy, Trimbur started getting worried about losing her hair. She was advised to use the cold caps technique which she refused. 


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