Some Women Chose Not To Shave At All, And The Results Are Breathtakingly Beautiful!

Some Women Chose Not To Shave At All, And The Results Are Breathtakingly Beautiful!

They're changing what's cool on the 'gram. And, they're clearly winning the internet.

Lately, the accepted social standards of beauty are being challenged by women all over the world. Every now and then, we witness some cultural expectations being shut down and societal norms that have been considered taboos are being embraced. No matter which website you're on, there would be something about women losing their patience and taking charge to correct a prevalent injustice. This latest fad that's going viral is titled 'Januhairy'. True to its title, using these hashtags, girls upload pictures of their unshaven armpits, legs and more while reminding others to embrace and love themselves. Here are a few images that could motivate you.

1. Thank you for being brave!


This shouldn't affect you.

2. This is how God made us


There's definitely a reason for it.

3. Nothing to be ashamed of!


This is a part of you.

4. Love every inch of your body


Only you can completely appreciate it.

5. How is this not attractive?


It's the real you.

6. Liberation


Free yourself from all the restraints.

7. Be a part of this change


Make each day count.

8. There goes our pretty lady


This is how we were meant to be.

9. Let it grow!


Don't hide behind these social norms.

10. No need to hesitate


Everything's going to be fine.

11. Every pit has a story


It comes with its own advantages.

12. Wide awake


Everyone's doing their part.

13. More power to you


It is all about how you carry yourself.

14. It's a celebration


You won't be disappointed.

15. Spread the joy


Nothing can be better than this.

16. I feel pretty


All it takes is a bit of courage.

17. The STARE exhibition


Take pride in yourself.

18. You've got us!


Let's join this team of strong women.

19. Au Naturel


That's the way they roll.

20. Your intensity scares them!


Always remember that!

21. Fearless


Nothing can change your resolve!

22. What an example!


We're in awe of her.

23. Why bother about what others have to say?


You are the thing that matters.

24. Nothing can hold you back


Just break free!

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