Hand-Carved Crystal Sculptures Imitate DSLR Cams

If you are a real photographer, you must fall for these intricate designs of crystal cameras. The piece are developed by Fotodiox whose crafty designs of two hand crafted models made of premium grade crystal can resemble a smaller version of a Canon 7D or a Nikon D90.


While their buttons and dials are characterized by engraving into the crystal itself, those lens, handgrip, viewfinder, rear screen, and several knobs are created in detached pieces of crystal that are attached to the main body. Using all sophisticated components, the subtle designs really imitate the originals.


Even though the collectors’ items are not meant to function as cameras, Fotodiox recommends that those crystal cameras are “fantastic for displays, bookends, paperweights and more. Such crystal pieces are perfect presents for those who adore photography highly.”


Source: My Modern Met, Fotodiox, Website