20+ Brilliant Illustrations That Will Seduce Your Creative Mind!

20+ Brilliant Illustrations That Will Seduce Your Creative Mind!

Well, the creative minds behind the 'Hands off my dinosaur', an Instagram account, conjured up these illustrations that actually make a great deal of sense. And the results are plain hilarious!

What would the world be like if a calculator would tell us about its mathematical problems, or a toilet paper roll would talk to us about their retirement and pieces of puzzles that found their true calling? These far fetched situations are not things we often think about. But 'Hands off my dinosaur' is an Instagram page, which gives us a hilarious insight into the minds of these inanimate objects and we cannot help but smile.

1. Not Tuesday!


Not a fan of Taco Tuesday!

2. The floor is not lava!



This is hilarious.

3. Starstruck!



We have a celebrity amongst us!

4. It was a good run, buddy!


We hope you are recycled!

5. Rightly so!


He'll take some time to open up.

6. In your dreams


This chicken thinks really highly of itself.

7. We have a brainstormer amongst us!


I hope he's alright!

8. It's a mystery!


We're with you pal.

9. Look at that confidence!


He has all his chips in!

10. The pain is real!


It's tough to be a fridge.

11. Anatomy 101


They aren't much complicated.

12. Need a tissue?


Such a gentleman!

13. Fork, our savior!


What would we do without them?

14. Lover's spat


She's not the complete package I suppose?

15. Therapy sessions


I think he found the perfect shrink!

16. Let's hang out later!


We're in a hurry.

17. It's happening!


The end is near.

18. Patience is rewarding


It's bound to happen.

19. Guess who hates this?


We're sorry Mr. Toilet paper roll.

20. Extinction changes people


This was for the best.

21. Summers have been captured by these ice cream sandwiches!


He thinks he's so cool!

22. Indeed!


The best pair that exists!

23. Pick up lines


That's clever!

24. Revelation!


How did you figure it out, Sherlock?

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