Hanging 400 Feet, Sleeping Capsules are really Terrifying

If you are looking for a thrill in your travel, try stay in Skylodge in Peru. This will make you not only thrilled because of its height but also gives you excitement of enjoying a breathtaking views of small villages and death defying roads. Check out for yourself how you feel when you are on the very spot. This only works for the brave, right?

The thrilling skylodge is of a trio of transparent pods placed 400 feet above Peru. Its location which is near the city of Cuzco is quite convenient either to locals as well as outsiders. But what makes this lodge terrifying is that it is made in the form of a three 24 times 8 meter capsules which are made of poly-carbonate and aluminium, attached to a straightly perpendicular and rocky cliff. It’s no joke that being inside such a capsule will certainly give you a goose bump looking out every side of the glass windows.The local tour company called Natura Viva is responsible for the skylodge’s operation. One good thing about its location is that it is situated in the most beautiful spot in Peru known as Sacred Valley, which is quite well known by the locals for its amazing and spectacular panorama. Therefore, when you are inside the lodge, all the beauty and wonder of that incredibly spectacular view is right before your very eyes, since the lodge is a see-through kind of capsule.But another hot thing you should know before you check out for the site is that you won’t get all the luxury that easy. You need to climb a 400-foot steel ladder all by yourself to get into the capsule. That’s probably the price you have to pay in order to stay in one of the incredible unique capsules.