He Makes His Sculptures to Look Like Toys

At a glance, his piece will not lead you to have a feeling of wonder. There seems to be nothing special about his piece whatsoever, but when you touch them and ask how the sculptures are created only then will you begin to wonder. Brett Kern has cleverly designs his clay dinosaurs to look one hundred percent like those of soft, inflatable toys.


So refined and subtle that his creations are really resemblance of plastic toys as they seem to have tiny wrinkles on some parts, coupled with shiny glazing, we might think that the creatures would pop the pierce of a pin.


To make such illusion, Kern shapes the creases and folds all the areas which would normally be affected when filled with air, like some tiny wrinkles on the dinosaurs’ arms, necks and legs.


To craft his work Kern uses mold-making method, something that he compares to the fossilization process.