He Turned His 6-Year-Old Son’s Doodles Into Real-Life Objects

Almost every child in the world would do some doodling as soon as they are introduced to writing tools. But no father would love to keep his children’s doodling as valuable treasures except this special father. Tom Curtis tries to put his 6-year-old son to take shape in real life creations. Just check them out.


For him, children’s doodles are things to be treasured, not overlooked. For sure, the subjects aren’t always enjoyable to the adult eyes as they look completely weird, like their eyes are way too big, hands can be way too long and car picture is just out of place.


As a loving and quite artistic father, Curtis attempts to make those doodles understandably have some form of objects. Since he believes that child’s art is something valuable as an attempt to capture our reality, he then recreates his son’s doodles to come alive.


Curtis’s son, Dominic draws anything from butterflies to sharks and rocket ships to his pet cat. In order that he can take Dom’s drawings into reality, he then uses Photoshop to recreate them so that they will have “real-life” look by adding smiley faces, shortening bodies, reconstructing faces to real photos.