Heart-Wrenching Illustrations As A Form Of Empathy For The Death Of A Pregnant Elephant

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Heart-Wrenching Illustrations As A Form Of Empathy For The Death Of A Pregnant Elephant

"She trusts everyone. When the pineapple she eats explodes, she must be shocked and not think of herself, but the child she will deliver in 18 to 20 months,"

Some time ago, we were shocked by the death of an elephant in India who died standing after eating a pineapple filled with firecrackers. In fact, the elephant is pregnant.

The Indian government has promised to investigate cases of pregnant elephants that die after eating pineapple filled with firecrackers. The elephant died ill in a state of Kerala a few months ago, the latest incidents of conflict between large animals and humans. In a viral video, it appears that a pregnant elephant has been in the water for hours in a badly injured mouth and ivory. The elephant was found injured on May 23. However, she was moved when forest officials and a veterinarian tried to immobilize her for treatment. She was found again two days later, standing in the river. The face finally walked to the Velliyar River and stood there. In the photos distributed, it shows an elephant standing in the middle of a river with its mouth and trunk submerged in water. "She trusts everyone. When the pineapple she eats explodes, she must be shocked and not think of herself, but the child she will deliver in 18 to 20 months," said forest officer Mohan Krishnan, member of the elephant rescue Rapid Response Team. So strong was the explosion crackers in her mouth so that her tongue and mouth were badly injured, making her very in pain and unable to eat.

Image credits:  Mohan Krishnan

The officer is assisted by a group of residents and then tries to pull the poor animal out of the water. However, she was pronounced dead on May 27 at 4 pm Reported by AFP on Thursday (6/4/2020), the incident sparked public anger in the State of "Bollywood", with perpetrators who feed pineapple from firecrackers must be executed.

Image credits:  Mohan Krishnan

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli said on social media that he was "shocked", with actress Akshay Kumar saying the incident was "inhumane, sad and unacceptable". "Maybe the animals aren't so wild. Maybe humans also lost their humanity," Kumar said, calling for the perpetrators to be severely punished. While Even Ratan Tata, the former boss of the giant Tata vehicle manufacturer, called the incident "no different from premeditated murder". India's Minister of Environment and Forestry, Prakash Javadekar, promised to conduct an investigation to reveal the suspect who killed the elephant. "The central government has taken the incident in Mallapuram, Kerala seriously," Javadekar said in his tweet on Twitter.

Image credits:  Mohan Krishnan

Javadekar said he would not remain silent and would investigate thoroughly and bring the perpetrators to justice. "It is not the culture of this country to feed animals with explosives which then kill them," the minister explained. The killing of animals, which is still under police investigation, is most likely not driven by cruelty. Poor villages in India and Sri Lanka are reportedly often using explosives to be turned into fruit, and planted like mines. This method is done to protect their land from the invasion of wild animals. A similar incident was reported in a district in Kerala in May. At that time, a female elephant was found in a state of mouth injury, with thousands of people killed by elephant attacks for years. In the same period, 510 elephants died, with 333 of them electrocuted and 100 poisoned or hunted.

Image credits: Sidharthraghav8

In response to this heinous act, the Kerala forestry department reiterated part of the Indian constitution which mandates that citizens must do good to animals.

"Article 51-A (g) of the Indian Constitution says that it is the duty of every Indian citizen to be compassionate towards other living beings," they said. The death of an elephant also sparked national outrage. Indian Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said that the central government had taken "a very serious note" of the incident. Conservation experts estimate that India has around 27,000 wild elephants. But its habitat is increasingly eroded when human settlements cross the boundaries of nature reserves.

Image credits: Unknown

Many artists work together to create art in the form of drawings or paintings as a form of empathy for the death of a pregnant elephant.

Reported from Boredpanda, following the extraordinary artworks of netizens as a form of empathy for elephant deaths in India, below!


Image credits:  raibinesh974


Image credits: DharniaArvind


Image credits: Hearthacker2310


Image credits: Rabiul Islam


Image credits: artis_o_max


Image credits: Artist Shubham Dogra


Image credits: arjuns_art_of_range


Image credits: theinkedletters


Image credits: RakeshS03148870


Image credits: way2newsapp


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