'Why can't one be GIRLY and ATHLETIC At The Same Time?', Argues This Photographer Mom!

'Why can't one be GIRLY and ATHLETIC At The Same Time?', Argues This Photographer Mom!

Alabama-based photographer, Heather Mitchell shut down every stereotype with her latest 'You can do it all' photography series.

Have you ever wondered which category of girls you belong to? Is it the one with all the girly girls who are considered to be a princess for not playing any sports or is it the crew of tomboys for being good at it? These were the exact questions that came to a photographer and mother Heather Mitchell's mind on one fateful afternoon. While attending her daughter's softball practice she expressed how glad she would be if only her athletic daughter would learn to love the game.

This wish was immediately shut down by another who categorized her daughter as a 'girly girl'. She dismissed her youngest saying she would never be good at sports because she's a 'girly girl'. The only question that popped up in Heather's mind was the necessity of this choice. Why was it so important to choose one of the mentioned categories? Also, why can't an individual be both? This is exactly what inspired this Alabama-based photographer to create a photo series that went viral instantly!

1. You can be anything you want!


Don't stop for approval!

2. We are in this together!


All they need is your support.

3. She is the sport princess of her dreams


Nothing's wrong with that!

4. Are you game?


You'll be surprised once you witness their game!

5. No choice required!


It's completely up to you!

6. Don't set a limit for yourself!


We are here to break all the stereotypes!

7. Ready for a challenge?


We are!

8. You throw like a girl


Now that's a compliment!

9. Face every challenge with confidence!


No one can stop you.

10. The Dream team


We are a part of it!

11. Hand in hand


Look out for each other.

12. Strive till you thrive!


Never give up!

13. We spread happiness


Don't you just love this?

14. She's all suited up!


She decides!

15. Be the Princess you are


You can be anything!

16. Game face on!


You know it's a war.

17. Disappointed much?


We aren't.

18. Don't fall for the cuteness


She'll give ut her all.

19. Building blocks


We've got to help each other out.

20. The Photographer herself!


This creative genius turned the stereotype mentality around!

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