Tattoo Artist's 'Unusual' Drawings Will Make You Question A Lot Of Things!

Tattoo Artist's 'Unusual' Drawings Will Make You Question A Lot Of Things!

Helena Fernandes's drawings are far from impressive, but people seem to love it so much that they just can't seem to get enough!

Tattoos are forever and something this steadfast requires a lot of skill and experience to execute with perfection. It's obvious for someone to look for an artist who is the absolute best at what he/she does. And why not, after all, it's going to be on your body forever! Well, the same cannot be said for Helen Fernandes. She does have the experience that one looks for but unfortunately misses out on drawing skills. To be blunt, she sucks when it comes to drawing but somehow people love that about her work. You won't believe the huge number of people standing in line to get her tattoos.

1. Are you a tool?


We don't mean it in a bad way.

2. Hump day


Animals love it too!

3. Straight out of a child's drawing book



4. Sit down for real


This is the song that inspired her tattoo.

5. Bad girl, Riri


She does look super bad.

6. The snake girl


More power to you girl!

7. Mr. Hamburger


Why would someone get this?

8. Does this remind you of a historical painting?


I bet it does!

9. Suit up!


The war is coming!

10. This is what nightmares are made of!


It's really scary!

11. Add colors to your life


It's magical for someone.

12. Couple goals


Definitely not getting that!

13. Is this a lizard?


We're not exactly sure.

14. Speed up!


Be as fast as this guy.

15. This is somehow cute!


A nice example of those minimalistic illustrations.

16. They are quite handy!


Pin it up.

17. Connect to the worldwide net


This is so amateur but we like it!

18. Recharge


Get it going!

19. The intense darkness


It really gets in your head.

20. How many of you hate the rainy season?


You should definitely get this if you do!

21. Why does this bat look constipated?


This is hilarious.

22. Friends from another world


Let's welcome them!

23. Say no to stick drawings!


That's all we get from this.

24. He'll give you the chills


Those eyes are so disconcerting.

25. This is the creator of these drawings!



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