Henna kind of Trend Now Turns into Menna for Men

Maybe you are quite familiar with typical Mediterranean kind of female tattooing called “Henna” – a practice used to adorn bodies with decorative patterning—is often associated with women. Unlike body tattoos which etch a permanent ink into the underneath the skin, while Henna will apply on the skin and remain there only for temporarily, maybe a week or two the ink starts to fade away. Henna are famously used during weddings and applied only for brides on around their hands, feet or fingers.


But now that men began to use it and it seems there are more and more men are attracted to it, Henna for men become menna. And if traditionally Henna is only applied around hands, feet and fingers, menna complex designs can go farther up across chests and arms, around the collarbone and down the back.


Although  menna still sound unusual, but according to Sabreena Haque of Ritual By Design says that men are now actively seeking these temporary designs on their skin.


It’s very true because now Sabrina Haque has just as many male clients as female. She said, “Yes… Men get henna too,” while showing a picture of her male clients with large size menna and quite a big smile on his face.

Source: My Modern Met, Sabrina Haque, Instagram