Hidden Messages in Matchbox Greeting Cards

It’s been quite a while that people sent ordinary greeting cards as much, most likely due to modern use of cellphone and the net. When was the last time you sent a greeting card?

The simple reason that those ordinary greeting cards are becoming obsolete and outdated is because of its technology and also because they are mostly pretty dull.

But due to people’s creativity and their drive to invent something novel about the use of greeting cards, there is this Vietnamese shop of shop3xu which tries to reinvent the greeting card by turning little matchboxes into cute greetings along with a surprise inside. So, in such a case, the idea of greeting cards is saved in this matchbox renovation. The shop seems to keep themselves busy with pushing for even more creative designs along with even more surprising hidden messages inside.

This very creative shop3xu has posted many of their design in individually colored matchbox-cards.