20 Times Body Art Changed The Way We See The World

20 Times Body Art Changed The Way We See The World

Hikaru Cho's surreal body art is beyond magic. She tricks the mind using her sophisticated and powerful artistic skills.

Hikaru Cho is beyond your usual surreal artist. She layers each of her art pieces in such a way that it's often hard to discern if the illusion has anything to do with Photoshop. Employing her brilliant artist skills she paints on living subjects often exposing the reality beneath it. We were at a loss of words when we first saw her work and we're sure it'll be the same for you as well! Witness her nature-defying concepts in the most artistic manner.

1. Everyone wears a mask of dishonesty


Can you see past it?

2. She failed you again!


It's hard to look past this!

3. Are they taking over?


Do you have anywhere to hide?

4. 'Eye' see you


Her work never ceases to amaze us.

5. She knows no love


Are you sure she can't feel a thing?

6. The ultimate source of power!


This is the very core.

7. Fragile Goods


What an apt portrayal of the mind.

8. Lost on the moment



It's hard to make a comeback.

9. Look!


Those are so disconcerting!

10.  It's time to unzip it


Things need to change.

11. Can you see her scars?


How often do you fail to see past people?

12. Restrained


Can you free yourself?

13. Who am I?


Finding yourself is one of the toughest things you'll have to do in life.

14. It's a new day


Embrace it from within.

15. Can you heal these wounds?


Could it get any worse?

16. You crack me up!


This is so real!

17. That's a juicy neck!



18. This is beyond belief!


Her illusions are better than magic tricks!

19. Confusing, right?


We are mesmerized!

20. Sew it up!


Life goes on!

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