Hikaru Cho’s Fabulous Hyperrealistic Body Paintings

Hikaru Cho is a Tokyo-based hyperrealistic body painter who has created that striking body painting series called My Body My Rights. She released her stunning piece before International Woman’s Day as a part of a campaign on sexual and reproductive rights organized by the human right organization Amnesty International. In her exhibition series, Cho tries to body paint real people with uncannily realistic illustrations on their skin.


Somehow Cho manages to create marvelous body paintings by just using paint and a paintbrush.  With evocative imagery, she could trick the eye and replace normal body parts.


In such series, Cho presented some amazing illusions like one face becomes two men kissing each other, a woman holds the key to her own body, a wrist opens up to show a sleeve of contraceptive pills and a woman with a brittle face cracked from violence. Amazing right?


Cho really hopes to increase consciousness on issues like reproductive health and sexual abuse through these images.