Hilarious Comics Illustrating Daily Struggles as a Woman

If you like reading comic books, you know that it’s not always its drawing that makes a comic hilarious but it can be its plot of the story or its particular diction used by the characters there. Here we present, Deya Muniz’s work for you to get a bit entertained. Actually, Muniz is a Brazil-based cartoonist who is behind that Brutally Honest comics where she talks a lot about what it means to be a woman in modern society.

In her comics, she can sometimes plays on stereotypes. In fact not all woman are like this, but since they’re just cartoons, so it’s better that we should lighten up. But there are things we shouldn’t miss about the cartoon, you might just be able to relate to some of the funny situations below.

Like when we are shaving our legs, we occasionally find that we have missed a patch even if it  absolutely is nowhere near a razor. Or else, the almost impossible task of trying to save a brownie for tomorrow instead of eating it today. Check out some interesting scenes below who knows they are your favorite.

Source: Bored Panda, Deya Muniz | Facebook | Twitter