Painfully Sad Tweets Which Reveal How People Use Humor To Cope With Life

Painfully Sad Tweets Which Reveal How People Use Humor To Cope With Life

Questioning existence is a trait that's deeply embedded into the human mind. Be it, questions about life or universe, humans are undoubtedly capable of blowing their own minds!

There's no uncertainty about the fact that every single human mind is loaded up with an infinite number of questions. It's how we were built and it is the general means by which we think. In any case, sadly, a few inquiries are anything but difficult to answer and some are definitely not. A few inquiries bolster us and some ruin our lives. But leave it all to the curious twitteratis out there to come up some truly alarming inquiries that can surely turn a man's world upside down! From punny interesting questions to straight up mystical inquiries, today we take a look at the top 24 hilariously deep tweets that'll make you question existence in all its glory: 

1. Mind = Blown


2. The pain is real 


3. Privileged a**holes 


4. Good old days 


5. Makes you think, doesn't it? 


6. "Shut up and take my money" 


7. When sarcasm is better than s*x


8. "Somebody wipe the brains off the floor"


9. No beauty in the beast 


10. Royal poo


11. Right in the feels! 


12. And he never returned again


13. What even? 


14. Universally true 


15. "Now that you mention it..."



16. Wittier than the wittiest 


17. 'God likes this post' 


18. That's real pain right there! 


19. Seems fair enough 


20. The toughest job in the world 


21. From 007 to 000


22. "Who comes up with this stuff?!" 


23. CRC: Childhood ruining ceremony 


24. FBI is on the lookout for this man 


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