HoKiou Terrarium kind of Jewelry

About HoKiou crafts, he creates tiny orbs that include whimsical panoramas. Interestingly, there myriad subjects underneath the circular glass terrariums, including solitary houses surrounded in picturesque rainbows, spooky bats circling a haunted house, and tranquil snowfall across a wintry scene. These tiny landscapes can be attached to your rings or necklace chains to add some whimsy and mystery to your everyday outfits.


To make these pieces, HoKiou prepares the sculptures in colored polymer clay to be hardened in a conventional oven. And then he would minimize the size of each of the individual element, but for some he would just measure it to an eighth of an inch tall. After he finished with the 3D compositions, he then assembles them nicely. After that he places them under the clear dome (or in a vial) and attaches to jewelry. Finally, they’re ready to wear.


Hokiou has created jewelry in theme to complement particular occasions like to celebrate the Halloween and welcome the winter holidays on the horizon. Check out the whole selection on Etsy.

Source: My Modern Met, HoKiuEtsy