Most Elegant Ethereal Korean Watercolor Tattoos

Only in South Korea that tattooing is an illegal practice when not done by medical doctors. The South Korean law states that only physicians can legally give someone a tattoo. But this Hongdam tattoo artist who was born in Seoul can still give you a service to etch your body with enticingly beautiful watercolor tattoos.


Hongdam uses his watercolor skills to turn his clients’ skin into pastel cherry flowers and shimmering moons. He specializes in floral designs, as firstly he would draw thin outline of the plant and pour the ink to the middle of the sketch outwards. This creates watercolor effect; the next step comes the bold color.


Hongdam’s design includes natural components varying from trees, flowers, animals to heavenly being. The outdoors really inspire his versatility of life and color in his tattoos. Perhaps that explains Hongdam’s tattoo designs.


And more importantly is that these watercolor arts won’t wash off in the shower.

Source: My Modern Met, Facebook, Instagram


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