Hongdam’s Beautiful Korean Tattoos

Even if in South Korea tattooing is against the law, and that not so long ago, people with tattoos were not allowed in public baths or swimming pools, now things are changing slowly. More and more young Koreans seem to accept tattoo culture quite well. Even if up to now, people with tattoos may still suffer from prejudice and misunderstanding simply because tattoos are often linked with gang or criminal activities and that’s why those with tattoos are considered members of mafioso or gangsta.

Even though many young Koreans seem to start liking tattoos, in some places like Jimjilbangs, gyms and so on, there are often signs up banning tattooed people from entrance and often people with tattoos are turned away from some places, still most young Koreans seem to be more interested in getting their skins inked.

That’s true that the younger generations in Korea are quite open to tattoo culture. It can be traced from the Korean tattoo artist’s Instagram followers that now are rising and can reach up to 160,000 Koreans.

It is this Hongdam Korean tattoo artist which is one of the so few bold artists who are shaping the face of tattoo culture in South Korea. But knowing the fact that tattoos are still considered illegal, instead of big and garish tattoo designs, small and minimalist tattoos are getting trendier there. Hongdam himself offers an alternative to big tatts, and that’s why his distinct style is light and elegant. While his design appears minimalistic, each intricate piece consists of a huge amount of details.
Source: Bored Panda, Instagram, ufunk