How Cartoonists Feel About Trump

Just recently Bored Panda has made some compilation of Donald Trump’s Cartoons done by creative cartoonists around the globe. They are not meant as mockery but rather they might work as reminders or something relating with us with which you can either maybe laugh or also cry a little too.

Being voted as the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump may either be admired by so many people or at the same time be despised also by more people.

No matter how good and successful he is in winning the chair of the most prominent person in the world, Mr. Trump has to accept the fact that there are more people loathing him than he ever thought.

The dust from one of the most surprising election campaigns in US presidential history has hardly settled, but cartoonists are already voicing their opinions, and their concerns about Mr. Trump can make people giggle at such cartoons.