Hub in Meaning and Values for American-Korean Artist

A hub is the central part of a wheel that connects the axle to the wheel itself. Many expressions use the term for a literal or figurative central structure connecting to a periphery, but for Do Ho Suh, hub is more than connector tools.
By meticulously replicating homes he’s lived in as a child and adult, the Korean-born, New York and London-based installation artist speaks to ideas of migration and identity.

Continuing his musings on the meaning of home and how the physical structure and our lived experiences intersect, Do Ho Suh’s new installation My Home/s – Hubs is now on view at the Victoria Miro Gallery. The 1:1 scale structures, made with colorful translucent fabric, are staged in a manner that asks viewers to pass through spaces and corridors to move from home to home. In this way, Suh combines his Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home installation with his Hub works.
Hub asks spectators to ponder the connectivity of in-between spaces, such as vestibules and hallways, as a metaphor for movement between cultures and life stages. “I see life as a passageway, with no fixed beginning or destination,” explains Suh. “We tend to focus on the destination all the time and forget about the in-between spaces. But without these mundane spaces that nobody really pays attention to, these gray areas, one cannot get from point a to point b.”
At a time when transience and identity are becoming ever more important, Suh’s work is a reminder to savor each moment of life. For as we move from stage to stage, it’s often easy to lose sight of the building blocks that form our character.
Source: My Modern Met

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