Human Fragility Captured by Artist Through Fractured Sculptures

Johannesburg-based artist Regardt van der Meulen continues to explore and exhibit the inherent
fragility of the human body through steel sculptures in a series titled Deconstructed. Much like his past pieces that appear to drip and unravel, his latest collection of fractured forms presents a haunting yet beautiful look at mortality.

His recent works of art, titled Weathered, I Am Just The Pieces, Fragmented, and Ephemeral, gives insight to ineluctable decay and degradation of all human beings. To convey this insight, Van der Meulen uses several conceptually distinct way.


“Weathered” (detail)

“Weathered” (detail)

In weathered, a human figure fall to pieces in a paused moment. As the breeze carried off  her fragments, her flesh turns into leaves. In both I Am Just The Pieces and Fragmented, the figure’s bodies which built seemingly out of mechanical puzzle pieces and organic forms  are impaired by many gaps and holes. As for Ephemeral, in the contrary of decaying subject’s skin, roses mystically bloom from within.