Humongous Astronaut Sculpture at Coachella

If you attended the first week of the music and art festival at Coachella, you must have seen this huge sculpture of an astronaut. Actually it is this Los Angeles-based company Poetic Kinetic Inc. behind Escape Velocity, a 36-foot-tall monumental mobile sculpture.


The most fun thing about this sculpture is that the loving astronaut has a radio controller animatronics which allows it to make fun gestures like a thumbs-up or peace sign. Therefore it gives you a chance to be able to personally interact with it by just shoving your face right into its helmet.


If you happened to witness that stunning street art like the Coachella Snail by the duo Herakut last year, this Poetic Kinetics is actually the same company which presented that Snail.


It’s probably true to call them some dreamers. And even they themselves would admit that. But actually they are not just dreaming, they are doing something for people since they have been quite active as creators and producers of some cutting edge film making, experiential moving sculptures, audience-engaging art, and many more.


Source: My Modern Met, Company Poetic Kinetic, Website