Hyper Selfie Part 1

Veri Apriyatno has his own period in creating his pieces, meaning that in each period of time, Veri presents them in different theme and style, fulfilling the needs and tastes of his audiences.

Veri Profile

Veri brings conceptual and contextual themes, along with modern society phenomenon. This time, he takes hyper selfie as the theme. His style is hyper realist, he draws on canvas, and utilizes pencil, charcoal, and white pencil mixed with acrylic paint.

Let us throw back our memory to the history of fine art, both domestic and western, self portrait art is something which is very common created by most artists, but on the other hand, Veri paints them in a different way, he is hyper in creating self portraits…. Even probably, Veri is the only painter with most self portraits in the world… Because during his two years of painting, Veri was painting nothing but portraying himself in different poses, angles, and expressions.