Hyper Selfie Part 2

Social Meaning

In the contemporary art discourse series by Hyper Selfie, it is a parody style, both conceptual and contextual, to the phenomenon of excessive selfie culture happening in contemporary society today.

Veri Profile

This was triggered by sophisticated technology and the emergence of social media, which facilitate everyone to take selfie photographs. This selfie photograph trend has actually been around since long ago, only it has different styles and terms from time to time. Let us take a quick look at the history of art, self portrait pieces were actually existing since the days before the renaissance of classical art. The artists, not only painting themselves, were receiving many orders from the nobles and common society, asking to be painted in a self portrait.

Basically, human like us have the nature of the narcissism, to love ourselves. We want to perform, to be admired, to be memorized.