Hyperrealistic Pieces of Art Inspired by Nature

For you ceramic lovers, come see Christopher David White, you won’t regret every second you are there. His ceramic creations will make you awed since they really showcase fantastic optical illusions. You won’t believe his hyperrealistic pieces are ever created. They resemble knotty wood and dilapidated cardboard even if they are just made of clay.


He tries to demonstrate his incredible artistic skill in visual effects, since White applies multiple hand-construction methods—such as modeling, molding, and casting—in order to make the unbelievable touches that make his sculptures so mystifying.


White’s body of work was first inspired by the nature’s continuous transformation—the idea that everything is subject to a cycle of growth and decay, or life and death.


He says in his artist statement, “Change is a constant reminder that permanence is the ultimate illusion. I seek to expose the beauty that often results from decay while, at the same time, making my viewer question their own perception of the world around them.