I Bring New Atmosphere in My Toilet

Hi, guys. My name is Roza. I am a designer working for “Shovava”. Here, I want to share with you my little project that I have been working on for Shovava scarves. It must be a good idea to start with my toilet to turn it into a new magical place.


I draw to make my own personal clothing.  I’ve been using my drawings and sketches for them. All this time, I have kept many of them under my bed which hardly fit them. I think it’s better to make good use of them now.


It didn’t take long for me to think since the toilet sounds boring enough that I just glued bits and pieces all over the place. When I’m done glueing them on the wall, now I have to connect those drawings with more other drawings on top.


The most difficult part was to deal with the paper which keeps moving around not to mention the varnish that would smudge the ink (oh the horror!). But once the drawings were sealed, fixing them and keeping on layering that varnish was nothing hard.