I Capture The City Spirit Through Street Art

My name is Amos Chapple. I call myself a Kiwi Photographer because I’m from New Zealand and I do photography. Usually, people who are originally from New Zealand are called Kiwis. I have traveled through 67 countries, and now I only want to share with you what I brought from Kiev the Ukraine capital city. Enjoy.


Once I was a staff for a national daily newspaper. At times, I had a lot of downtime on the job so I was out shooting my own stuff as often as possible. That way I got lots of photo collections all standing out depicting either negative or positive sides of life.


That work ended up being noticed by Geoff Steven, a Kiwi entrepreneur who gave me a position shooting UNESCO World Heritage sites. Five years of near constant travel in that job gave me a lot of experience in photography.


And about my piece when I was in Kiev, I selected some beautiful murals telling interesting stories about the city. Actually it took five days for me to wander around Kiev to especially spot some beautiful scenes which I brave to call them art.