I Draw on Trash Only to be Found by People

Hi, everybody. My name is Wenyi. I am based in Dali, Yunnan Province, China. Dali is actually a very famous and beautiful old town. The town has abundant of cultural heritage as well as natural resources. But one thing that is more interesting about the town is that some of the streets are covered with trash like cardboards or discarded papers. That’s when my ideas came up.


After some considerations, then I decided to make good use of those wasted papers or cardboards. So I started a project to create my art out of those trash.


Early morning by carrying with me a pen, a painting board, but no paper, I go around town by coming into the alleyways of Dali Old town on my bicycle try to collect waste paper.


When I find some paper or cardboard, I soon get rid of the wrappers and flatten it to make it ready for my drawings. And then I begin to draw the architecture in front of me directly on it.