I Paint Whimsical Animals That Visit Me In The Forest

Living in the forest of the Pacific North West had encouraged this artist, Jayne Siroshton, creating these wild animals which came visiting her house.

Jack Foggwhimsical-creatures-01
Captain Fogg, a bootlegger, travels up and down the coast on his steam powered schooner “the Obscura” and is known to sell moonshine in the bay under cover of darkness.

The interesting thing here is she illustrated these wild life as adorable and beautiful faces of animals, along with cute costumes equipping them.

Source : Boredpanda, Wild Hare Greetings.

Kizzette spends long summer nights at the speakeasy, draped around the neck of some hapless fellow, flashing her eyes and sipping champaigne.

Elsie lives deep in the wild woods in a little green caravan tucked between the vast trunks of ancient trees. The lush collar on her coat is made from soft black grass that grows by the edge of the stream.

Dr. Fredrick Foxtonwhimsical-creatures-04

Fredrick has the keenest eye and fastest mind of any creature I have ever met, a wonderful medical practitioner and dear friend (unless you happen to be a chicken).

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