I Turn Cities into Death Stars

I’m actually an architect based in London. My name is Amer and I like travelling and posting everything on my Instagram. Lately, I have been drawing a lot and I draw when I’m at work, too. I feel lucky because I have a chance to travel to many cities often throughout the year. So my drawings are about cities I have visited, only I turn them into some kind of planet.

i-draw-death-star-inspired-by-cities-ive-visited-57d349d3a3c93__880But since I quit my job and still remain in between jobs, I have begun to draw more often that I usually did, especially after I came back from travelling and failed to get another job. I am inspired very much by cities I used to travel so I began to draw those cities to recollect about my journeys. Another thing that inspired me is those NASA Instagram images and my favorite artist Stephen  Wiltshire and the Death Star.


I made the cities independently as if they were some kind of planets. The latest was my drawing of Melbourne, a distance away from London but having similar tradition as in European cities. I try to recreate qualities of cities through my art. Google Maps come in handy for me to recreate the perspective because photos of the cities and the skyline help me get some details. But at times I would also redesign some city to have their own layouts of streets parks and buildings in my favor.


Being an architect, I’ve had some knowledge also my MA in Urban Design and my experience as well allow me to plan my creations. Because I’m very pleased with the result, now I drew even larger globes, increasing their size from 360mm diameter to a 940mm version.