I Turned Tiny Things into Arts

My name is Desirée De León. About my art work, I have been collecting small trivial things I can find at work or it could be anywhere around home like flower petals, paper clips, nuts, broccoli or anything small and tiny. I love the idea to turn them into some imaginative little new scenes.


This project I call it, 100 Days of Tiny Things which means every single day I have to collect one small thing and turn it into one piece of work until they reach a hundred.


Actually I already did this a long time ago. When I was a little girl, I loved playing with Barbies, where I loved to put small everyday objects into their dollhouse as play furniture.


This project reminds me much of my childhood.  That way, it gets me thinking of creating a miniature world with my drawings. I believe it’s additionally flawless that the drawings can give “new life” to easily overlooked details that we often find anywhere. It’s an inventive method for testing us to see the world with new eyes.